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Additional Services

On Site Technical Services

Provided to customers on an on-call basis, utilizing JAC’s highly mobile technical and logistical teams. This includes but not limited to: performing light checks, engine removal and installation, APU removal and installation, performing engine borescope on Boeing 737 aircraft and preparing temporary repairs for ferry flights and as per globally accepted standards.

Restoration of Vintage Aircraft

JAC was subcontracted by Royal Jordanian Air Force RJAF to restore some of the vintage aircraft used to operate in the past including PITTS, Auster and Chipmunk aircraft. These aircraft are in static display at aircraft museum.

Aircraft assessment

Thinking of buying a new aircraft? Our team can perform the assessment for you. A team of highly qualified and experienced engineers will put hundreds of years of experience at your disposal and assess the health of the aircraft based on a deep visual inspection, borescope inspections, inventory check, a functional check and document search. Their experience in the most encountered problematic areas of the aircraft will save you money and headaches later. Reports are presented in a professional format tailored to customer needs.

What can JAC do?

  1. Aircraft Dismantle/Disassembly (at JAC or Remote Locations).
  2. Mutilation of unserviceable components as per approved processes.
  3. Storage for the dismantled aircraft components.
  4. Line Maintenance support ( Khartoum, Baghdad, Arbil,…etc.). With highly-skilled engineers and mechanics.
  5. We also offer tailor-made line maintenance support answering our customers' expectations & operational demands for flexible and adaptive solutions to their daily news.

Our Solutions

  1. Full technical handling (transit, daily, weekly checks)
  2. Technical assistance
  3. On- call maintenance
  4. Night stop check
  5. Pre-flight service
  6. Cabin maintenance


  1. JAC training offering extends from Part 66 (Basic) to Part 147 maintenance training in accordance with JCARC regulations.
  2. JAC also provides a large variety of specialized courses to support your success.
  3. We can develop tailored and personalized programs for you and deliver them on your premises.