Job Description

Job Objective :

Install, inspect, test, adjust, or repair avionics equipment, such as radar, radio, navigation, and missile control systems in aircraft or space vehicles.

Duties and Responsibilities & Job Activities:

  • Perform Maintenance avionics and electrical systems.
  • Avionic and electrical tasks  within  Power Plant  and  mechanical  systems, requiring only simple tests to prove their serviceability.
  • Carrying  out  the  delegated  work  and  maintain  the  standards  set  by  JAC  Maintenance Organization Exposition:
  • Report to the Certifying Staff any defects found or suspected on  aircraft,  engine,  accessories  and  appliances  that  may  affect  the airworthiness; Bringing to the attention of the Certifying Staff:
    • Any issues that may affect the safety of employees in the workplace;
    • Any tasks where the correct tooling is not available;
    • Any deficiencies in facilities, equipment, tooling, and methods, products which have become known and may affect a job, a staff member, or the work assigned or observed;
  • Perform system, Power Plant, component and functional checks as specified in the aircraft maintenance manual
  • Demonstrate the use, interpret and apply appropriate documentation including structural repair manual, troubleshooting manual, etc.
  • Correlate information for the purpose of making decisions in respect of fault diagnosis and rectification to maintenance manual level;
  • Describe procedures for replacement of components unique to aircraft type.
  • Carrying out any other duties within his capability as required.

Job Oriented Qualifications and Skills

  • Have a B1/B2 JCAR Part 66 License.
  • Have at least a minimum of 5 years’ experience in aircraft maintenance.
  • Boeing 737 NG- B1,C Licensed Engineer
  • Received type rated training on the aircraft that he is certified theoretical & Practical at training Organization appropriately approved IAW JCAR Part-147, detailed description, operation, and Component location, removal /installation and bite and troubleshooting procedures to maintenance manual level, at this stage, the staff is able to:
  • Demonstrate a theoretical knowledge of aircraft systems and structures and interrelationships with other systems, provide a detailed description of the subject using theoretical fundamentals and specific examples and to interpret results from various sources and measurements and apply corrective action where appropriate;
  • Be familiar with inspection methods, techniques, and the equipment used in determining the Airworthiness of concerned articles
  • Be proficient in using various types of mechanical and visual inspection aids.
  • Be familiar with the JAC MOE and Regulatory Authorities Requirements.
  • Be familiar with Airworthiness Directives maintenance and service instructions of the Manufactures
  • Received Module 9 and Module 10 training Course.
  • Received Fuel Tank Safety Level 2 training Course.
  • Received EWIS training Course.
  • Be able to understand, read and write English.

ucation and practical experience as below:

Diploma Degree or Equivalent .

JAC Company Values

  • Trust– We will create trust by being honest, ethical and respectful every day. What we say is what we do
  • Committed to Excellence– We will always strive to be better, to be different, to Go Beyond
  • Ambitious– We will dream big and pursue those dreams with passion and determination
  • Agile– We will question the norm, seek out opportunity and embrace change for the better
  • Fun– We’ll have fun while getting the job done and ensure a positive and happy workplace
  • CustomerCentric – We will build honest, personal relationships with our customers and aim to wow them
  • People Focused– We will develop, engage, protect and support our staff and each other
  • Employement Type : Full time

Minimum Experience : 5
Minimum Experince Years : 5
Country : Jordan
City : Amman
Job Location : Civil Airport, Marka

Required Licensed B2 Technician (

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